Monday, October 1, 2018

On This Day -- Petrus Bovie Taken Captive

"October 1st, 1747, Peter Boovee, a Soldier at Hoosuck or Massachusetts Fort, went out a-Hunting; a Party of the Enemy discovering him, took him Captive, and carried him to Canada. He is since returned." 1

In the earliest texts, Fort Massachusetts was also referred to as Hoosuck Fort (not to be confused with West Hoosac Fort, a blockhouse built in West Hoosac––now Williamstown––later in 1756).

There is a bit of a mystery surrounding this incident. First, the spelling of his name varies throughout the records; his first name being either Petrus or Peter. Various spellings of his last name are Boovee, Bovee, Bovie, and Burvee. And secondly, a number of sources document that "Peter Bovee" was killed. And another saying that he was mustered from Dec. 11, 1749, to June 3, 1750, at Fort Shirley. Looking at the genealogy of the Bovie/Bovee family in the area that he was from (North Pownal, VT), there was no other Peter at that time. However, Petrus showed up again in the records later during the American Revolutionary War.

The one fact that all the sources agree on is that Mr. Bovie was indeed captured on this day.


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